Garage Door Repair

Mark Furgison

It was a beautiful day out, so I decided to get some work done on my home gutters. As I went to open my garage door and bring out my equipment I ended up striking my garage door really hard by mistake as I was taking everything out. With frustration I called Forest Hill Garage Doors and Doors and they sent out one of their guys to take a look. The estimate they provided was not too bad. He was able to repair it on the spot thanks to him being well prepared with his work van. I was so relieved that it didn’t take long and I was able to get back to my cleaning. Thanks Forest Hill Garage Doors and Doors, I appreciate it.

Garage Door Opener Replacement

Magdalena Ovalles

So my family and I have an electronic key pad to our garage door opener which is a huge help because it allows for my 3 kids to go and come from school on their own without having to worry about where their keys are. Unfortunately most recently my children were locked out because my motor decided to not work and left my kids out in the pouring rain. Thanks to a neighbor my kids were safe, and I called for a repair company right away and Forest Hill Garage Doors and Doors were complete dolls. They came to my aid and within an hour they had my garage door opener replaced and back up and running. Very much appreciated, thank you!

Emergency Garage Door Repair

Paulina Collins

Being an essential worker is not an easy task at the moment. Especially when you are doing killer shifts at all kind of hours. So when I was coming home from a grave yard shift and tried to get my vehicle inside the garage I guess I didn’t notice my opener didn’t open the door all the way and I ended up damaging my garage door along with my vehicle. The last thing I needed was another major expense. I contact this company and they were nice enough to come out right away. Their technician responded fast and took a look at my garage door. The quote they gave me was reasonable for and emergency late night call. So he ended up fixing it. And I was able to get just enough rest to resume my daily routine. From one hard worker to the next, thank you. Thank you guys so much. You help me out a lot.

Residential Door Repair

Paul White

so I went to throw out the garage out back and left my toddler watching the wiggles. I thought it was not an issue, clearly I was wrong. My toddler locked me out of the house and went back to dancing to the wiggles. I tried not to get angry or scare him. I ended up breaking the lock and the door along with it trying to get back inside. I called to assistance to Forest Hill Garage Doors and Doors and thankfully they reassured me I was not crazy and that they could have my door repaired the same day. I am thankful and embarrassed at the same time. Much thanks to the whole team!

Commercial Door Replacement

Kevin Cashe

So my business just experienced a break in. Thankfully we had our alarm go off so the thieves didn’t managed to take much. What they did do is damages the door and the frame. We could not close the door and all the frame and hinges were turn out. I reached out to Forest Hill Garage Doors and Doors to come out and help to replace the door so we can secure our business. The guys were great! They came out and secured the door for the night and came back the very next morning with a new door and installed it in no time! We are all very thankful to them. They were very professional and knowledgeable in the installation process of our new door for the business.